Support Packages

Basic Support
Our Basic Support package is FREE and has the following features:

1. No Yearly Fee

2. FREE E-Mail Support

3. Phone Support is charged on a per incident basis in 15 minute increments.

ACT! and integration with MS Office 2010
Make sure that your system still integrates correctly.

NEW ACT! 2011

New feature Analysis
Some new features but is the hype worth the investment?

Version Comparison
Compare with previous versions of ACT!.

CRM Resources
A range of tips for selecting and making better use of your CRM system.


Support Options

We are passionate about Support. For more than 20 years our team has been providing support options for our clients by way of Phone, E-mail and now via on-line resources including remote connection to your system.

You are welcome to try and resolve the problem yourself by using the online knowledge base or via some of the online KB articles we have created.

If the problem is more complex or requires we can establish a remote connection to your system which many then allow your problem to be resolved.

When you have a problem ...

If you have a problem with your system there are often some simple steps that may assist to correct the issue before making the call to support.

  1. Restart your system
  2. Attempt the same steps again
    • If the problem persists then make a note of the steps required to cause the problem.
    • Make a note or screen shot and save any error messages.
  3. Depending on your support package make contact with your support consultant so the most appropriate steps to resolve the problem can be determined.

Support Packages optional

We have a number of support packages available depending on your particular need and budget. We do not provide FREE phone support and each incident is charged in 15 min increments.

Currently we have 3 standard packages plus a single custom package. If you do not wish to purchase a support package then complete the Support Request and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

Remote Support

When other support options are not working it may be time for one of our technicians to connect to your machine remotely. This service is charged in 15 minute increments.


Remote Support Page

Technical Support
For technical support if you complete the online form you will receive contact generally within 24 hours for non support contract customers.
Complete on-line form

ACT! Knowledge base Link -

This link launches to the Sage ACT online knowledgebase. You are able to search through hundreds of online pages for a solution to your particular problem.

4UCRM on line KB articles

For some of the more common knowledge solutions we have created in the following online KB articles.

With many of these we have also provided a downloadable .PDF of the solution.

Priority Support - Platinum Package - From $349.00 per year

  • Unlimited Phone support.
  • Priority 18 hour per day support coverage.
  • Up to 10 remote login sessions included.
  • FREE email support with priority response by next business day.
  • Custom Links to knowledge base articles.

Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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