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Diagnosing problems with synchronisation

ACT! 2005 - 2010 (Version 7 - 12)

There are many reasons why synchronisation might fail. Modifying the configuration file may assist in this diagnosis


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May 2010

How to diagnose problems with synchronisation

If you have a problem with synchronisation it can be both frustrating and time consuming. Normally the problem can be related back to a connection or some other change within the Windows environment on either the server or remote machine.

By collecting some information about the error can generally assist to resolve.

The first part of the diagnosis is to

  • Capture the specific error message it is best if you have a screen shot of the specific error.
  • Collect a synch preview report from both machines
  • Check the synclog.xml from both both machines

Copy the Synchlog from both machines

The Synclog.xml is only saved when the sync service is stopped. It is also set to only record errors. If during the synch process there are no error messages it will not record anything, you probably would not be reading this articles if that was the case :). If on the other hand you do have errors you will need to change some settings you will need to increase the ability of the synch service to give more detailed context to where the error occurred.

Below are steps to increase the error logging and should give you a much better description. In most cases you will only need to do this on the server.

Save a copy of the synchlog.xml to the desktop of each machine provided on exists so you will have a reference point.

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