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Map your contacts to Google Maps

ACT! 2005 - 2012 (Version 7 - 14)

Use a lookup from ACT and map them to Google maps. You can then save or print the created map.

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April 2010

Backups help protect your database

When you create a backup of your database you help protect yourself should one of the following occur:

  • There is a hardware failure of the drive which is storing your database
  • You make the mistake of accidentally deleting contacts and need to get them back
  • There is a problem with your database and the only course of action is to restore from a backup.

Performing the Backup

General Guidelines:

  • Only Administrator and Manager level users have access to the database backup and restore functions. If you are unable to access these functions, please contact your ACT! Administrator.
  • It is recommended that you sorte the backup on the local drive of the server. If you want to have it on another local drive you should copy it after the backup has completed.
  • if you need to save the backup to a network drive it is best if you use the UNC path instead of a mapped drive (i.e. \\machinename\foldername. Example: \\Server\ACTdata\Backup
  • ACT! backup (.ZIP files) cannot be sent to CD or TAPE via the ACT! Backup function and should rather be copied to these devices following the completion of the backup.
  • To be able to backup your database automatically then we suggest using ACT! Scheduler.

The following steps will assist you to map your data:

Step 1.  Lookup a list of contacts in ACT version 7-13 (E.G. ID/Status = Client). Provided there is more than one contact that matches your search you will be placed into the List view.


Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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