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KB 23311 COM Error

Error: "Error Retrieving the COM Class Factory for Component with CLSID {741BEEFD-AEC0-4AFF-84AF-4F61D15F5526} failed due to the following error: 80040154" or "...8007007e"

23311 error


You attempt to open ACT! E-mail or click on an E-mail address when you receive the following error: "Error Retrieving the COM Class Factory for Component with CLSID {741BEEFD-AEC0-4AFF-84AF -4F61D15F5526} failed due to the following error: 80040154" or "...8007007e" are looking to update your system and want to be aware of the current integration with Microsoft Office.


This issue is caused by an unregistered .dll file. Please use the following steps to resolve this issue.

    Step 1.    Close ACT! and Microsoft Outlook® on your machine.

    Step 2.     Open the Command Prompt using the steps below according to your operating system:

      • Windows XP, Server 2003: Click the Windows® Start button and select Run.The Run dialog box appears. Type cmd in the Open field and click OK
      • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008: Click the Windows Start button. On the Start menu, choose Programs, then click the Accessories folder. Right-click on the Command Prompt program and select Run As Administrator.

    Step 3.     The DOS Prompt window appears. Type cd C:\Program Files\ACT\ACT for Windows (or location of your ACT! install directory if not default) and press Enter. Ensure that you include the spaces when typing, or copy and paste the command from the article into the Command prompt.
    Note: 64bit OS default path is: C:\Program Files(x86)\Act\Act for Windows

    Step 4.     The file directory path will display C:\Program Files\ACT\ACT for Windows. Type regsvr32 redemption.dll and press Enter.


    Step 5.     The following RegSvr32 dialog box appears. Click OK to complete the registration of the file. Close the the DOS Prompt window.


    Step 6.    Provided this was successful you can retest

    Do not do the steps below this box first. Follow the steps above and only use the following if the steps 1 to 6 fail.

    If you still receive an error when performing the above steps then it is possible that the required Redemption .dll file may be missing from your system.

    This could be the cause of the initial error as well.


    To resolve this issue, use the following steps:

    Step 1.  Navigate the bottom of this article, and click on the Redemption.dll file under File Attachments, and choose Save. Save to C:\Program Files\ACT\ACT for Windows. (or location of your ACT! install directory if not the default). On 64 bit systems the default directory is C:\Program files(x86)\ACT\ACT for Windows.

    Step 2.  Repeat the steps from 4 and 5 in the section above.

    download Redemption.dll (2.63Mb)

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