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Here you are able to download the support tool and if a support time is not already organised to complete the form to organise a suitable time.

Please read this first: You will first need to download the remote support tool below. Once you have saved this to your desktop we will then be able to connect to your desktop.

Download Link

Support Tool

Follow these steps below to get started.

Download link is on left side of this page

    Step 1.

Click on the Download icon to download the support tool to your machine 

    Step 2.

You have two choices, either one works fine

a) Save this file to your desktop or

b) Run the file from the current location.

    Step 3.

Once the download has finished,  if you saved the file to your desktop you will find the following icon


You should find the icon to the left on your desktop if you saved the file to your desktop.

    Step 4.

Double click on the icon to start the support tool.

    Step 5.

Once you start the setup the follow window will appear. Click on Run to continue


    Step 6.

On the following screen you need to Accept the terms of the remote connection


    Step 7.

After accepting the terms the following window will appear and you need to give you consultant the ID and Password details to connect to your machine.


Helping you turn more prospects into Customers

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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