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Windows problem with Associated Files

Windows XP


XP_Fileassoc.bat & XP_EXE_Fix.reg 

There are reports that this bug is resolved with an update to Windows SP3.

March 2010


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I have been seeing the Facebook Password Reset Virus on a lot of computers lately and one of the things that this virus does is disables the EXE association with the computer. Basically what this means is that you cannot open .EXE files and since most of your software repair tools are going to be executable files, it makes the virus difficult to remove

To get around this, I have been using two scripts that restore all of the file associations in Windows XP back to default. Once it has been run, I can then use my other virus removal applications like Process Explorer.

The .EXE association can be damaged in a few ways. One way is when the extension association “.exe” doesn’t point to “exefile”. Another way is when the registry for opening .exe files has an incorrect value.

One of the tools is a BAT file and the other one is a .REG file. The problem is sometimes the .REG file association is damaged too so I have to use the BAT file first to fix the .REG association, and then the .REG file to fix the registry.

In any case, the two work well together.

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